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The greedy paths of Fébus.
29 municipalities to be visited !

Between sea and mountain... localize VIC-MONTANER

The first reason to come? The HERITAGE!

The area of Vic-Montaner is rich of a lot of sites inherited from the past. The different towns of the area bears the testimony of 3000 years of History...

chateau de montaner

You can't come on our teritory without visiting the imposing red bricks tower of the castle of Montaner. This tower will bring you to the medieval time. Its builder, Gaston Fébus, made it to protect himself against his enemy from Bigorre and Armagnac. Les MEDIEVALES during the second week-end of July, will make alive the castle with medieval camps, some joust or street shows (fire-breathing, jugglers...)

églises peintes

To continue our walk in the Middle-Ages, the guided tour of the painted churches of "Montanérès" will surprise you by the quality of their frescoes and the meaning of those elaborated paintings.

Also, discover the "castrum bigorra", an archeological site. You will be amazed by the conservation status of the fortifications from the Roman period. At the foot of the Pyrenees, in a strategic place above Val d'Adour, the municipality of Saint-Lézer is bearing a rich and long history from early time to now.

église baroque

Closer to us, you could discover the baroque period in many churches of the territory.  The altarpieces of those churches will char you with their settings.

During your move through the area, you could find a small heritage, inherited from a rural society.

To extend your stay in Vic-Montaner, you could go to the territories close to us : Madiran, the abbey of Saint-Sever-de-Rustan...

                                                                                                                       >THE SECOND GOOD REASON TO COME.....

29 municipalities to be lived !

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