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The greedy paths of Fébus.
29 municipalities to be visited !

Between sea and mountain... localize VIC-MONTANER

The 3° good reason to come?    The GASTRONOMY !

The South-West of France is famous for its gastronomy! Our territory doesn't make exception. Indeed, many producers offer a high quality food. From majestic "Foie Gras" to the poultry grown in open-space, from the beefmeat to the organic vegetables, all those farmers will propose you products of quality.

Going directly to the farm to have those products, you will be certain of their freshness. Moreover, some of them offer a visit of their exploitation.

Also you can find these products at the local market, every saturday morning in Vic-en-Bigorre, a moment of exchange and conviviality.

The restaurants of our territory will propose you meals in harmony with our "food-culture"...            

Légumes marché

29 municipalities to be lived !

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