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The greedy paths of Fébus.
29 municipalities to be visited !

Between sea and mountain... localize VIC-MONTANER


A quiet fishing or more sportive...

Vic-Montaner offers many possibilties for fishing. With a lot of good spot and kilometers of river's edges, you could catch carp, trout, barbel, chub…

Some of those areas are reserved for young people under 12 years-old (in Vic en Bigorre, Pujo...) or specifically for handicapped people (Artagnan).

Practice lessons for children but also their parents :

Dicover fishing and environment through practice lessons, wednesday afternoon, from 16h40 to 19h (mars to june), on the Echez river or the lakes of Escaunets and Rabastens.
Contact :
Joël SEMMEZIES Tél : +33 (0)6 78 04 89 96 or
AAPPMA de Vic : +33 (0)

WARNING: fishing is a controlled activity. You need a license to practice it. Consult the fishing guide at the tourism office.

carte de pêche


You can buy your fishing card on the website: www.cartedepê or directly to the tourism office.

29 municipalities to be lived !

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